Advocating Parents
Advocating Parents

There is no better advocate than a loving parent
It was love at first sight when we met Chantelle. She is a loving, kind and wonderful little girl who gives her all in everything she does. The words 'I can't' are not part of her vocabulary.--Wally & Anne Griswold (Chantelle's Mom & Dad)

This site is dedicated to parents like Anne & Wally...

who never cease to inspire us to be better parents, to love our children unconditionally and to never give up no matter what the obstacles.

Chantelle was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, moderate to severe. As a young child she came to live with Anne and Wally Griswold. Anne and Wally had a son who was just ready to leave the nest. They started to visualize their future without children when this blue-eyed, blonde-haired beauty toddled into their lives.

At first Anne and Wally provided Chantelle's biological mother with respite. They cared for Chantelle on weekend's and soon there was a strong bond between the Griswold's and this little angel. The temporary arrangement became permanent and the Griswold's were determined to make it work for Chantelle's sake.

Chantelle at ten learned to put on and take off her braces by herself. No easy feat! But, all part of the need for independence that drives Chantelle. Now, at twelve she only uses her walker at school.

She is an "A" student, who loves school, is a whiz on the computer and enjoys playing chess with her Dad. She dreams one day of becoming a teacher. And, with Chantelle, anything is possible. The little girl with the big smile and the big heart has the drive and determination to make her dreams come true.

It's not an easy road. When a child has a disability such as cerebral palsy, the parents take on many new roles. Just think of all the professionals these kids come in contact with during their lives. Now take all those professions and wrap them up into one person. No easy feat for a person to take on but a parent who has a child with a disability does just that.

Her parents constantly keep Chantelle challenged. Besides playing in an organized baseball league (which her Dad is active in), she has learned to swim without using her water wings, attends art camp and Ju-jitzu. She also takes part in a 4-week alternative therapy program - Conductive Education at The Grandview Childrens Centre. The program was paid for by parents who raised more than $15,000 to bring the specially trained conductors to Canada from Hungary. According to her parents, the intensive program has proven to be very helpful for Chantelle, giving her much more confidence in her walking.

Chantelle's Mother Has a Personal Message For Our Visitors

Conductive education teaches children with cerebral palsy to walk unaided, feed themselves, sit up straight and many everyday tasks you and I take for granted. The cost of this program is $1,700.00 per child (Canadian Funds). My goal is to raise enough sponsorship so no child is left out because of lack of funds. There is no financial assistance available for this program; therefore, parents must bear the full cost. I am one of those parents. Conductive Education of Durham is a charitable Foundation and all donations are tax deductible. For more information or to donate please email us at the link below.

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